The current research fields mainly include sensor circuits, AI simulation/RF-aided design, high-speed interconnection, heterogeneous computing algorithms and chip systems, including:

(1) High-performance analog and RF chip design

Used for sensor front chip, Chiplet high-speed interconnect chip, wired/wireless high-speed SerDes Transceiver, high-performance ADC/DAC design, etc.;

(2) AI-assisted simulation and RF chip design

AI intelligent aided design of high-end chips (analog chips, RF/terahertz chips), focusing on cross-disciplinary research (chip design, computing architecture, algorithms), and solving traditional artificial chip design problems with intelligent optimizationalgorithms;


(3) Intelligent computing chip design

On-end processing artificial intelligence chips, brain-like/analog computing chips, optoelectronic fusion computing chips, terahertz/millimeter wave sensor post-processing chips;

(4) Perception algorithm and embedded perception system design

 Low-bit quantization strategy of software and hardware cooperation, network structure optimization of neural network structure search (NAS), etc.; algorithm aspects include environmental perception based on multi-sensor fusion, fault detection prediction, 2D/3D target detection and recognition, etc.;